6th Team -

Team captain

Polly Willis

Captain: Polly Willis
Coach: Kim Balmer & Pria Lad
League: East District Division 1

Improving awesomely each year! They lost a lot of players this year but are looking forward to having some new players join them! "It will be a rave....!" We train on tuesdays, 6pm onwards. There will most likely be some form of fitness this year and matches are saturday.

Team members

Rachel Rayne

Rebecca Isabel Hamilton

Charlotte Sloan

Katie Stanyard

Fiona Young

Melanie Stephen

Shona Weetch

Happi Starling

Lynsey Walker

Sophie Lumsden

Amy Nelson

Alice Kennedy

Tamar Watson

Leesa Souter

Danielle Altink

Hazel Frier

Lisa Coffey

Eleanor Briggs

Rebecca Cumming

4s vs Cala (3-2)
6s vs 5s (3-0)
7s vs Stirli (3-1)
4s vs Presto (8-2)
1s vs Grange (4-1)
3s vs Kelso (2-1)
7s vs B'muir (2-3)

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